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Drawn to Colour


Hi, my name’s Jean Bailey, I’m an artist and I work mainly in pencil and oil but recently, during these difficult times, I’ve been de-stressing by drawing ‘wonky doodles’ with my pen. I’ve found the simple pleasure of colouring them in has helped me stay focused and relaxed and I’d like to share them with you.

Being creative with colour is always fun so if you want to have a go simply download some free pictures, print out and enjoy!

To see some of my other work you will find them in the fine art gallery.

Finally, I would like to thank Stuart, my husband, for all his hard work putting together this web site.

Keep happy, keep safe and keep colouring!

Best Wishes, Jean

the world of wonky doodles

Having a bad day? De-stress with a wonky doodle.
Free pictures for you to download and colour-in.

Call back often - New doodles added regularly!